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Antique Embroidery Scissors

The sullivans heirloom embroidery scissors is the perfect piece for adding a touch of antiquity to your etsy shop. The handle is a teardrop handle and it has a history that goes back to the 1870s. It's made of stainless steel and it's embroidered with loves and care. This scissors is a perfect addition to your vintage lookbook and the perfect choice for your antique home decor.

Scissors From England

UK Antique Rose Pewter Chatelaine

By Hummingbird House of England

USD $74.00

Scissors Sewing Snips | Vintage-style Antique Needlework Thr
Cross Stitch Sewing Diy Tool
Scissors Copper
Scissors 4in

Sullivans -- Antique Gold Large

By Sullivans

USD $19.99

Scissors Copper
Scissors Copper

Top Antique Embroidery Scissors Features

This is a beautiful antique scissors embroidery necklace from england. The pewter necklace is made with brilliant blue and green pewter and has a white emblem of a rose between twoinsulators. The necklace is wound with a blue and green silk thread and has a small antiques keyhole.
this is a greatoup of vintage-style antiqueskin needlework embroidery. The textiles are from top to bottom, with needles embroidered with old world charm. There is a great shannon effect with the yarns, as if being threading through a period-time relic.
this is a cute and unique embroidery job! Make a mini stork with antique scissors and add some antique cutter tools for extra protection. The cross stitch sewing diy tool can help you turn your embroidery into a good old working stitch.